About Us | Drumore Estate
Drumore Estate is a premiere Lancaster, PA wedding venue. The historic estate features a mansion, formal gardens, fountains and statuary, an orangery, and a carriage house.
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About Us


Drumore Estate is an elegant, historic private residence that is opened to the public for special events.  For 15 years, Bill and Karyn Regitz have been hosting beautiful weddings at their premier Lancaster County wedding venue.  Bill and Karyn live in the mansion full-time with their three Boston terriers, and they love sharing the unmatched beauty of Drumore Estate with their guests.  The gardens are designed by a Longwood Gardens-trained master gardener and a wonderful team of gardeners and groundskeepers maintain the estate.

Bill and Karyn are hands-on owners down to the last detail, with the help of their in-house chef, wedding coordinator & planners, and event staff.  The entire team at Drumore Estate takes pride in ensuring that you experience the wedding of your dreams at Drumore Estate.


Drumore Estate was founded in 1938 when local newspaper magnate and philanthropist John F. Steinman sought out a hilltop in the Lancaster County countryside on which to build a peaceful retreat.  He decided upon this 70 acre property in the southern end of Lancaster, situated on the second highest peak in the county with a view of his newspaper building in downtown Lancaster.  Philadelphia architect Robert R. McGoodwin was commissioned to design the 16,000 square foot brick Georgian mansion so that it best complimented the natural beauty of the property.


Mature trees were transplanted on the property in 1939, and the towering sycamores lining the driveway are a hallmark of the estate to this day.  Drumore Estate features an absolutely breathtaking wedding aisle, as brides ascend stairs from the mansion to make their entrance through the Formal gardens.  To the left of the Fountain garden, the unmatched view stretches across the Susquehanna River valley as far as the eye can see.  The sunsets at Drumore Estate are simply stunning.


John F. Steinman later made additions to the property to refine its entertaining abilities, such a porch areas, the first outdoor swimming pool in Lancaster County, and later the indoor pool located in what is now the Orangery so that he could continue his swimming regimen into his old age.  Other local Steinman family properties include Conestoga Gardens and the Pressroom Restaurant, adjacent to Steinman Park where a statue honors John F. Steinman and his brother, James Hale Steinman.  John F. Steinman loved Drumore Estate and lived here until he died in 1980.