Bridal Shower Venues in Lancaster, PA

Are you planning a wedding? If so, congratulations! These next few months should be some of the most exciting months of your life, and you’ll have plenty of reasons to celebrate. Before your big day, don’t forget to shower the bride-to-be with good wishes, gifts, and an unforgettable bridal shower.


Hosting a Bridal Shower

At Drumore Estate, we deliver unique, elegant, and stress-free bridal showers tailored specifically to you! Because most of our weekends are reserved for hosting weddings, we highly recommend booking a weekday bridal shower. We will ensure that your Drumore Experience is lovely, elegant, and perfectly tailored to your vision.


Our Bridal Shower Venues

When you book your bridal shower with Drumore Estate, you can book any of our breathtaking locations for a memorable weekday shower.


Plan your next bridal shower with us! We have Half Day and Full Day options that give access to one of our venues, the gardens, and patios.


Venue Option 1: The Carriage House

  • Seats up to 150 guests with 5’ round tables
  • Climate Controlled Space
  • Tables, chairs, linens
  • 52 inch TV or computer monitor
  • Sound system
  • Wireless microphone


Venue Option 2: The Orangery

  • Seats up to 80 guests with 5’ round tables
  • Climate Controlled Space
  • Tables, chairs, linens
  • PA system
  • Wireless microphone


Inquire About Our Bridal Shower Packages

We’re excited to help you plan the bridal shower that you’ve been dreaming of! When you host your bridal shower at Drumore Estate, we’ll match you with an in-house event facilitator to help coordinate your event. Plus, we’ll also help you with menu planning/catering, set up and tear down, and more!


Contact us today to book a tour and learn more about our event pricing!