Are You Newly Engaged? What Should Be Your Next Steps?

So, you’re newly engaged? Congratulations on your amazing news! After you settle down from the flood of emotions, you’ll soon be left with questioning: “what’s next?”

Before you start shopping for venues or getting too overwhelmed planning the details, stop and take a deep breath. Don’t add unnecessary pressure and stress to yourself during one of the most exciting times of your life. There is no need to rush into planning just yet.

Before you jump into planning, check out a few essential steps to take after getting engaged:

Share Your News with Your Loved OnesPlanning Your Wedding

You’re engaged! Now it’s time to share the wonderful news with the people who are closest to you. There is no right or wrong way to share your news. If you can do it in person, great! However, if you can’t, sharing your happy news over the phone is just as special. These special people in your life will be so excited to hear your news and will be eager to give wedding planning advice.

Set a Few Possible Dates

While you’re wedding planning, it’s always a smart idea to set a few possible dates for your wedding. Think about the time of year you prefer, or if you have any significant dates that would make your wedding day extra special. Choose a couple of tentative dates that you can narrow down when you begin the process of choosing your wedding venue. The more flexible you are with your date, the more options you will have! Especially if you’re choosing a weekday wedding.

Discuss a Guest List Together

Who will you invite to your special day? Ultimately, this decision is up to you and your fiancé. Each of you should contribute names to the list of people you can’t imagine spending your special day without. This will help give you a basic idea of the size of your wedding and your budget.

Start Looking at Wedding Venues

It’s time to start looking at possible places to have your wedding! If you’re looking for a luxurious wedding venue that delivers a unique, elegant, and stress-free experience, check out the beautiful venue options at Drumore Estate.

Our event planners want to make your wedding day idyllic, extraordinary, and unforgettable. Contact us today for more information!