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Drumore Estate Wedding Open House: Discover Your Dream Venue and 2024/2025 Discounts!

Are you planning your dream wedding in Pennsylvania? We invite you to our exclusive Wedding Open House on July 13th from 10 AM – 3 PM. This is your chance to explore our Renovated Ballroom, experience our highly-rated in-house catering, and secure exclusive discounts for your special day.  Why Choose Drumore Estate?  Elegance Redefined Nestled… Read more »

Drumore Estate: Lancaster, PA’s Premier Choice for Weddings, Corporate Events, and Retreats

Nestled in the heart of Lancaster, PA, Drumore Estate is renowned for its breathtaking scenery and elegant ambiance. Celebrated as a top wedding destination, Drumore Estate’s charm extends far beyond the aisle. It’s an exceptional venue for corporate events, retreats, and galas, each designed to leave a lasting impression.    Why Choose Drumore Estate for… Read more »

Lancaster PA Wedding Planning: Seasonal Inspiration

Wedding Season Planning – Lancaster, PA, renowned for its scenic hills, lush farmlands, and rich history, serves as an enchanting backdrop for weddings. Each season offers unique benefits that cater to different wedding visions: the vibrant blooms of spring, the extended daylight and warmth of summer, the colorful foliage of autumn, and the cozy charm… Read more »

Optimizing Event Spaces for Productive Business Gatherings

Christmas Breakfast at Drumore Estate

In today’s dynamic corporate landscape, the venue of your business gathering isn’t just a backdrop – it’s a character in the story of your event. An optimal environment can do wonders, influencing how attendees interact, absorb information, and overall satisfaction. Every venue element intertwines, from the ambiance to the layout, to spur creativity, enhance focus,… Read more »

Simple Ways to Make Your Special Event Stand Out

Grand Tent set up for wedding reception

When planning a special event, whether it be your grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary, your daughter’s sweet 16, or your holiday office party, there comes a certain amount of stress and expectation. You want to create a memorable event for all the attendees without overwhelming yourself or creating a cookie-cutter experience. Here are a few simple… Read more »