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How to Choose the Color Scheme for Your Wedding

Luxury wedding table decoration. Stylish and beautiful wedding table service with white tablecloth, fresh flower and gentle blue napkins.

When planning your wedding, the color scheme is pivotal in setting the mood and tone for your special day. From your invitations to your centerpieces, your chosen hues will be present in almost every detail of your celebration, so you must choose wisely! Here are a few tips for picking the perfect color scheme for… Read more »

3 Easy Ways to Get Your Wedding Guest List Started

Beautiful flowers and guest list on beige background, flat lay

You’re engaged, booked your wedding venue, and have your date! Now it’s time to start your guest list. Family, friends, coworkers, that third cousin, twice removed. Who makes it on the list, and how do you navigate those special scenarios? As you can imagine, this task can get complicated. Here are three easy ways to… Read more »

How to Tour A Wedding Venue


Touring wedding venues is usually one of the first things on your to-do list after you get engaged. This is an exciting time in the engagement process because everything is new, bright, and pure bliss. The world is your oyster, and you will have a lot of venue options in front of you. You must… Read more »

How to Make a Wedding Seating Chart

Wedding table with "Bride" name tag

Implementing assigned seating at your wedding is a great way to reduce your guests’ stress, ensure every table is filled to maximum capacity, and allow everyone to feel comfortable and ready to have an amazing time. No one wants to walk around aimlessly, unsure who they should be sitting with, not wanting to step on… Read more »

Top Tips for a Rainy Wedding Day

rainy wedding day at Drumore Estate

No one books their wedding hoping it rains, but there is always a chance. Don’t be discouraged if you look outside and see puddles and gray skies! Your special day can still be a success with some thoughtful planning ahead of time. Here are a few tips to make the best of a rainy wedding… Read more »