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Wedding Planner vs On Site Coordinator

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Today I’m going to be talking about hiring a wedding planner vs on site coordinator. I want to chat about this, because I think we are unique in what we offer here at Drumore Estate. We offer on site coordination, with a lot of extras. However, we don’t offer full wedding planning. Let’s talk about… Read more »

Why Hire a Wedding Professional

Bride and groom embracing on lawn of Drumore Estate

It seems like a no brainer; wedding professionals know what they’re doing, you hire them right? Well, what if Uncle Bob has a ‘nice camera’? Or, what if your cousin has ‘been to a million weddings’ and can plan it for you, no problem? And what if your budget, just can’t account for the all… Read more »

Setting a Wedding Budget – Personalized for You

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How many posts, calculators, and spreadsheets did you find on Google to start your wedding budget? I’m guessing pages and pages of results. So, let me start by saying I’m not offering you a spreadsheet. Today, I’m giving you some guidelines to create your own, personalized, wedding budget. Setting a wedding budget that will reflect… Read more »

One Thing Will Affect Your Wedding Budget the Most

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You have probably been pouring over budgets, and costs for your wedding for weeks now. Perhaps, you’re just beginning the process, and wondering how to budget for what’s important to you. Either way, there is one thing that you must consider, because this one thing will affect your wedding budget the most! Venue, photographer and… Read more »

When To Hire Your Wedding Vendors

Pink and white rose Bridal Bouquet

When to hire your wedding vendors? This question pops up in conversation about wedding planning, all the time! There are many opinions about when to hire your wedding vendors, but what it usually comes down to is this; which vendors are the most important to you? I’m going to help you navigate that question and… Read more »