The Pros of Having Your Wedding Ceremony and Reception at the Same Venue

Festoon lights with wedding party

With so many decisions and details to coordinate, wedding planning can get complicated fast! Although you won’t be able to avoid every stress that goes into bringing your special day to life, there are a few strategic decisions you can make to lighten your load.

Many couples elect to streamline the planning process by having their ceremony and reception at the same venue. When deciding where to exchange your vows and celebrate afterward, consider these advantages of doing everything in one place!

You Can Have an Outdoor Ceremony

Most couples who split their ceremony and reception do so to get married in a religious space. Unfortunately, most religious spaces don’t allow outdoor ceremonies due to the sanctity of the building. When you choose one venue for both parts of your wedding day, they will typically have multiple site options for outdoor events or a mix of outdoor and indoor.

At Drumore Estate, you have exclusive access to many indoor and outdoor venues for your ceremony and reception. Say “I do” on a hilltop, in one of our luscious formal gardens, at the luxurious carriage house, or in any combination of indoor and outdoor areas.

One Location Is More Convenient

Everything about your wedding is simplified when you don’t have to coordinate between two venues. Guests will have less hassle and be more likely to attend since a single location offers a seamless event with no gap between ceremony and reception. Many couples even coordinate a shuttle service and room blocks to make it easy for guests to get where they need to be on time! Plus, you and your vendors only have to worry about coordinating with one event team and setting up in one space.

When you book your ceremony and reception at Drumore, you’ll have a professional Event Facilitator at your disposal. They’ll work with you to plan your dream wedding, coordinate with in-house vendors, and help you choose and coordinate with outside vendors (for which we will provide a preferred list of reliable options).

You Will Save Money

Perhaps the most enticing benefit of a one-stop shop wedding venue is the money you’ll save at the end of the day. Many venues offer special packages for having your ceremony and reception with them, which considerably reduces costs compared to renting out two separate locations. You’ll also have fewer transportation and rental expenses and less décor to supply. Drumore Estate offers different wedding packages to suit your needs, including micro-packages and elopements.

For couples looking for a breathtaking, customized, and stress-free wedding day, the Drumore Experience delivers. With a range of elegant and inviting venues, top-tier catering, and an event planning team to handle every detail, you can be confident your dream wedding will come together seamlessly.

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