4 Reasons Why Brunch is Our Favorite Meal of the Day

Popular Brunch FoodsEveryone loves a great brunch. Hosting a brunch carries a sense of celebration. It’s not only a time to gather and eat delicious foods, but it’s also a special time to catch up with friends, relax, and celebrate! Brunch is a combination between breakfast and lunch, so it typically falls anywhere between 11 am and 4 pm. There are plenty of great reasons why you should plan a brunch for your next celebration.

Here are a few of the reasons why brunch is our favorite meal of the day:

You Can Eat Both Breakfast and Lunch Foods

Since brunch is a combination of two meals, you have the freedom to choose between both breakfast and lunch foods. Whether you’re craving a savory sandwich, or you prefer a sweet stack of pancakes, you can have the best of both worlds without any judgment.

There is a Wide Time Frame for Brunch

Sometimes breakfast is just too early for people to enjoy. That’s why brunch is the perfect opportunity to sleep in but still make plans to enjoy a nice meal. Any time in the morning is considered an acceptable time to eat, but brunch can also extend into the afternoon.

Brunch Makes the Perfect Social Event

Whether it’s a family event, catching up with friends, or celebrating some big news, brunch is the perfect time for a social event. The relaxed attitude associated with brunch allows you to take as long as you want to eat, drink, and catch up with others.

It Puts Everyone in a Great Mood

When you attend a brunch, you’ll notice that everyone around you tends to be in high spirits. Being surrounded by a great company, delicious foods, and boozy drinks will help make your brunch experience most enjoyable.

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