7 Tips for Getting Ready on Your Wedding Day

Hair, makeup, dress, that’s all you really need to think about the morning of your wedding right? Well if you’ve been in planning mode you’ve realized there’s a lot that happens before you walk down the aisle. Here are 7 things to consider for getting ready on your wedding day so you can sip champagne and relax with your bridesmaids. 

1. Bring These With You

An invitation – you will make your photographer so happy and you’ll love having an image included in your album when you’re paging through it on your 50th anniversary. A hanger – anything, oh anything but the plastic hanger your dress comes on!! Yes, it’s practical, but it’s not pretty 😉 A crochet hook – if you have buttons anywhere on your dress this can be a lifesaver for whoever is responsible for buttoning you up!

2. Eat Something

Excitement and nerves will make it tempting to avoid taking a bite of that bagel or snack on that fruit platter. From start to finish your wedding day is filled with activity and emotion and requires sustenance. Check with your venue to see if they have options for pre ceremony lunch or snacks. You can also delegate this task to a friend who is willing to make a stop at Panera to bring you some yummy snacks. And go easy with the champagne so that you can enjoy sharing your vows, save the party for after the ceremony.

3. Find Natural Light

Not only is natural light the best for your makeup artist, your photographer will be thanking you too! A few windows should do the trick, or at the very least one large one.

4. Guys Hangout

Let’s be honest, the guys, they get ready in 15-20mins. You want to find a spot they can hang out and relax. That will look different for each group; heading to the golf course for a round of 9, skeet shooting, a morning of indoor rock climbing or grabbing the Xbox and chilling in the grooms lounge until it’s time to get ready. Whatever it is make it fun and don’t forget the food!

5. Plan to Not be On Time (so that you’ll be on time!)

Yes, I said it, you will probably find yourself looking at the clock a lot most likely time will go a lot faster than you will think. Everything will take longer than you plan for, so why not build some extra time in? Tell your hairstylist you want to be done 30 mins before you need to be done. If it takes 15mins to drive to the venue from there, allow 20. And if you have that one notoriously late bridesmaid, tell her you want her there well before she actually needs to be 😉

6. Drop Everything Off the Day Before

Check with your venue if this is possible and if it is take advantage of it! Dropping decorations, place cards, your guest book, alcohol, and even your dress before hand will alleviate the pressure to remember everything the morning of your wedding. You can relax knowing that all you need to to get to the wedding is yourself.

7. Plan for a Time Out

I recommend taking some time before the ceremony, directly afterwards or mid reception to take a breather. Touch up your hair and makeup, and most importantly take in the days events! Look at each other and say ‘we’re MARRIED!’, enjoy the sunset and really embrace each other.

Thinking through these 7 things should make your getting ready experience an enjoyable one! Planning ahead will help you enjoy your wedding day, allow for some room to step back and truly feel pampered before you say ‘I Do’.

7 Tips for Getting Ready on Your Wedding Day
Photo Credit: @jessfowler84

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