Butterflies at Drumore Estate

After many years of attracting various butterfly species to Drumore, a garden specifically meant to attract and promote populations of butterflies and pollinators was planted in the spring of 2019.  Many native flowering plants were included as well as others known to be favorites of butterflies and pollinators.  The plants and flowers used seem to do their job well as over 20 different butterfly species and a few very interesting larger moths were observed in and around this bed as well as other areas of the gardens.

Gray Hairstreak Butterfly at Drumore Estate Wedding

Hopefully, you will find the accompanying photos enjoyable to look through. Maybe these winged beauties will show themselves when the day arrives for your wedding and reception or lovely special event at Drumore!

Monarch on Goldenrod Drumore Estate Wedding Venue
Butterfly Wedding VenueSkipper on PerovskiaBuckeye on LantanaSilver-Spotted Skipper on New York IronweedPainted Lady on ZinniaCommon Sulphur on ZinniaLuna Moths mating on Hay-scented Fern Luna Moths mating on Hay-scented Fern Red-spotted Purple Admiral Red-spotted Purple Admiral Great Spangled Fritillary on Swamp MilkweedZebra Swallowtail on Verbena Butterfly on AsterMonarchs on Purple Dome Aster during fall migration Canadian Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly on Swamp MilkweedSpicebush Swallowtail on Butterfly Weed
Snout Butterfly at Drumore Estate Wedding VenueSkipper on Purple Coneflower Drumore Estate Wedding Venue