Fantastic Foliage at Drumore Estate

When most people think of a beautiful garden they envision displays of colorful flowers.  Flowers in a wide range of hues offer lovely garden views, but some blooms are seasonal or last only a short time during the full garden season.  Many perennials and most flowering shrubs bloom for only a few weeks, and annuals can have times when they are more floriferous than others.
Lime Zinger Elephant Ears and Cissus vine
Foliage in garden displays generally remains consistent throughout the entire growing season, late spring until the first frost of fall.  Foliage plants add texture, form, color and unique interest to garden containers, planting beds and hanging baskets.  Drumore Estate uses numerous foliage types to enhance our colorful garden displays.  You can always count on these foliage additions to be looking amazing whenever you use Drumore Estate as a venue for your wedding, reception or special event.

Varied succulents Rosemary and succulents Hanging basket with Lysimachia 'Goldilocks' and Cissus vine

Tapestry Caladium, Christmas fern and HostaTapestry Caladium