The Formal Garden – Wedding Ceremony

Browsing through our website you’ll notice we have a few different locations for your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. I’d like to highlight each one of them for you and share some images from real events. Today I’m starting with The Formal Garden. If you are looking for an outdoor garden wedding ceremony, this is the spot for you!

Champagne Greeting

Imagine arriving to the estate, walking through the intricate wrought iron gates with a glass of champagne in hand. You can see the expansive Formal Garden with the estate in the distance. You smell the fragrant blooms as you wander past the fountain and sit down to wait for the ceremony to begin.

Drumore Estate, The Formal Garden, Wedding Venue
Photo by Ashley Elizabeth Photography


Shaded Seating

With the vast assortment of towering trees you’re sure to have some shade for your guests in the afternoon and into the evening. And if you’re planning an evening ceremony you’ll have and beautiful glow peaking through the trees as pictured below:

Garden Wedding, Drumore Estate, Lancaster PA
The Perfect Place to Share Your Vows

Surrounded by family and friends, the sounds of nature and holding the hands of the one you love. This is what a ceremony in the Formal Garden looks like. But how it makes you feel? That’s something you have to experience for yourself!

Drumore Estate, Garden Wedding Ceremony
Beautiful Photographs

You have access to the garden all day long and you’ll want to take advantage of it! Take some time with your photographer before or after your ceremony to capture some pictures of just the two of you. And don’t miss out on the secret garden 😉

Garden Wedding, Drumore Estate, Lancaster PA
Photo by Elizabeth Moore Photography


The Formal Garden is not to be missed and is open to you and your wedding guests even if you decide to have your ceremony in a different location. For more information contact us and book at tour to see it in person.


Cheers to Love,