How Much Does a Wedding Venue in Lancaster, PA Cost?

Video transcript:

We’re here to talk about the venue pricing in Lancaster County. Some factors that affect your venue pricing are how many guests you have, the day you’re going to get married, the time of the year, and potentially the year you’ll get married. As we all know, inflation does affect venue pricing.
And then we also do all of our catering here on site. So our catering costs start at approximately $60 per person. We have four different packages that you can choose from, ranging from the Bronze Buffet all the way up to the Platinum Package.

We also have additional add-on costs that can increase your venue pricing based on the items that you want to add. For example, if you want to add draping or lighting options to the tent, that would be an additional cost to your base price. Also, we have a whole packet of other options you can explore, but they’re not necessarily needed for your wedding. They’re more like the bells and whistles, the fun stuff you might want to add.

In a nutshell, the venue pricing will start around $5,000. In addition, you should also budget for a catering and bar service fee. So, for example, a wedding on a Friday with about 100 people will start at about $20,000 and go up.

To learn more about our wedding pricing, go to our website and fill out our form. It’ll ask you a few questions about your guest count, what you’re looking for, time of the year, anything that’s important to you for your special day, and we’ll be sure to send you a link to our new fun pricing calculator so you can put in the information and get a custom quote for your special day.

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