How to Facilitate an Offsite Meeting

Planning a Business MeetingHosting an offsite meeting is a great way to celebrate your team’s successes, review your monthly goals, and encourage team bonding. If you’re looking for a better way to extend the conversation about your business’s strategy, goals, and other tactics, consider hosting an offsite meeting.


If you’ve never facilitated an offsite meeting, here are a few of our suggestions:

Make Sure Your Guests are Invested and Engaged

Before your offsite meeting, it’s always best to check-in with your participants to find out what they would like to gain out of the event. You can share the agenda with them in advance to ensure that there are activities that align with their goals.

Encourage Team Bonding

One of the main purposes why companies facilitate offsite meetings, is to encourage team bonding. Often, offsite business meetings are too focused on business reviews and plan sharing. Try to use this opportunity to discuss these goals while focusing on encouraging your team to work together. In most cases, bringing your team together to work on a project will set the tone for the year and show the value of working as a team.

Plan to Do a Philanthropic Activity

During a corporate offsite meeting, it’s not uncommon to have your team take a break from their job responsibilities to help others. Starting your meeting with an activity to help local charities is a great way to put your team in a healthy mindset to continue the business discussions that will follow your activity.

Address Problems Within the Company

An offsite meeting is the best time to address real company problems. Before your event, create a list of issues that have really impacted your company and focus on one or two issues that you’d like your entire team to make progress on. You can present and start acting on these areas through team-building exercises, interactive presentations, and motivational speakers.

Bring in Guest Speakers

A great way to get your audience engaged and thinking differently is by inviting guest speakers to present at your offsite meeting. You could invite customers, leaders of other teams, or outside community members to come and speak at your event. Hearing outside stories firsthand can inspire and motivate your team.

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