How to Pick a Wedding Favor

Picking a wedding favor does not have to be a hard task. Some people put a lot of thought into what to give their guests, but it can be simple. The best ways to pick out a favor are listed below. Follow these guidelines, and we promise your favor will be a hit with all of your guests and not one to be forgotten.

Wedding ReceptionChoose a Practical Favor

You want your guests to take something home that they can use. Most wedding favors are left behind, thrown in the garbage, or lost in a drawer somewhere. If you give your guests something, they can use, the probability of them keeping it increases.

Meaningful Wedding Favors

Pick something that means something to you as a couple. Maybe you love honey? Why not make little honey jars and give that as a favor? This gives your guests something they can use, and it represents you as a couple.

Add a Personal Touch to Your Favor

Make sure to add a note or tagline. Putting a little note or thank you on your favors makes people happy. People love to be thanked for taking the time to celebrate with you.

Incorporating Your Wedding Favors As Part of Your Display

Display your favors at each place setting, not at a separate table (unless it makes sense to display them as someone easily accessible). Think of favors that can make your table look good. Something to place in front of each person so that they see it. People seem to forget to take favors if they are on a separate table or do not think it is for them.

Wedding Favors Choose Something Everyone Can Enjoy!

Have fun with it! People love fun, unique favors. So, spice it up, and bring both of your personalities into it!

Bottle openers, jars of usable goods, special treats, and lighters are just a few examples of favors that people can bring home with the, and use again. One of our favorite favors was when one of our couples had little bags of dog treats from their puppy to other puppy friends that their guest’s have. This was so cute and unique not only because it was from them and their dog but also because it made their other guests happy to see that they could bring something home for their fur baby. 

Of course, these may not be examples of things you love, so please make yours unique to you! Always remember, the more use your guest will get out of the favor, the better it is for your and your wallet!

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