Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing a Wedding Venue in Lancaster, PA

Video Transcript:


Today, we will talk about a few things to avoid when choosing a wedding venue. Things to avoid include background noises, hidden fees, and uneven surfaces.

One of the items that Marnie mentioned is loud noises and background noise. Here at Drumore Estate, you can kind of tell it’s pretty quiet, but at other venues, you may hear sounds from vehicles driving by, if you’re close to an airport, planes overhead, if you’re in the city, horns honking, things like that. Those would all be things to be cognizant of while you’re on your tour or just looking for venues. Here at Drumore, we have 72 acres, so we’re in Lancaster County. We’re out in the beautiful, peaceful, quiet. We have the serene river hills in our background. Yeah, it’s just a beautiful spot to be; it’s something you should consider when you’re on your tours.

Another thing to avoid at other venues is uneven surfaces. Here at Drumore, as you can see, we have a lot of hard surfaces. And what’s excellent about it is that there is a hard paved surface everywhere you and your guests will be. That makes it very easy for mobility, especially for guests with mobility issues, like wheelchairs, walkers, or older guests. They can very easily get around here. We’ve also gone and added ramps, meaning there are not a lot of steps now. That also makes it easier for your guests, especially when enjoying themselves having drinks. Also, our ceremony area is now very well-paved. That makes it a great walk up the aisle, and then it makes chairs sit easier on a hard surface for your guests to be more comfortable while enjoying your nuptials.

The last thing to avoid is hidden fees. Ask upfront what’s included with your package pricing. You don’t want to book a venue and then come to find out that you need to rent chairs, rent linens, have a facilitator, or hire a facilitator outside of what’s included in your packages. Here at Drumore, we do have a venue rental brochure, a catering brochure, and a rental options brochure. All of our pricing is very upfront. We show you everything that’s included, including tables, chairs, linens, napkins, silverware, China, and pretty much anything you need for your wedding. But we also have a rental options package that includes all the fun stuff, like draping for the tent, lighting options, and much more. So just be aware of what you will be charged for and make sure that you ask upfront. You can also ask Drumore Estate for your invoice anytime. And right up to that final invoice, you can subtract or add things too.

Be sure to register online for a tour at drumoreestate.com, and we’ll be happy to show you everything we have here. And we would love to give you a custom estimate.