Expert Advice on Planning a Summer Wedding at Drumore Estate

Summer Wedding Planning in Lancaster, PA Summer SunsetSummer Wedding Planning Tips: Expert Advice for Your Dream Celebration

Summer at Drumore Estate unveils a breathtaking canvas of possibilities for your wedding or event. The historic mansion, sweeping vistas, and lush gardens provide a perfect backdrop for your celebration. However, planning a summer event requires careful consideration. We offer expert advice to ensure your summer celebration is nothing short of spectacular. 

The key to a successful summer event lies in embracing the season’s warmth while prioritizing the comfort of your guests. We, at Drumore Estate, boast a variety of indoor and outdoor venues prepared to host your dream event, seamlessly blending the beauty of summer with the timeless elegance of our estate.

Strategic Timing with Natural Shade:

When planning your event’s schedule, consider a late afternoon or early evening start, especially to take advantage of our ceremony site, which is naturally shaded by 4 p.m. year-round. This thoughtful timing not only capitalizes on cooler temperatures but also aligns perfectly with the soft, golden-hour lighting. It’s an ideal setting for capturing stunning photographs that you’ll cherish forever. The natural shade provides comfort for your guests and adds a magical quality to the ambiance, making it a perfect moment to say “I do.”

Enhanced Guest Comfort with Thoughtful Additions:

To ensure your guests stay refreshed and comfortable throughout outdoor celebrations, we recommend incorporating hydration stations featuring fruit or vegetable-infused water, available for a minimal upcharge. Additionally, our cocktail patio is equipped with large sun umbrellas, providing ample shade and a cooler environment for your guests to enjoy. For those seeking an even more comfortable setting, we offer the option to add on our climate-controlled library. This air-conditioned space can serve as a luxurious retreat for cocktail hour and the reception, ensuring everyone remains cool and comfortable no matter the weather. Our team is ready to arrange these thoughtful details, from elegant parasols to fans, prioritizing the comfort and enjoyment of you and your guests. 

Embrace Seasonal Menus:

Our Executive Chief, Karyn Regitz, Sous Chef Kelly Rosser, and our in-house catering team will craft delectable summer menus featuring fresh, local ingredients that reflect the season’s abundance. Think light, flavorful dishes that will tantalize your guests’ taste buds without feeling heavy. 

Summer Wedding Planning in Lancaster, PA food ideas

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Seamless Integration of Comfort and Scenery:

At Drumore Estate, our commitment to your event’s success includes offering the perfect balance of indoor comfort and outdoor allure. Our climate-controlled Ballroom and Carriage House not only ensure a comfortable, air-conditioned environment but also feature stunning views that encapsulate the estate’s natural beauty. This seamless integration means guests can enjoy the elegance and comfort of our indoor venues without missing out on the breathtaking outdoor scenery. Adjacent, our terraced gardens provide a splendid outdoor space for guests to mingle and relish the beauty of summer evenings, making every moment at Drumore Estate a celebration of both comfort and elegance.

Create Lasting Memories:

Summer events at Drumore Estate become unforgettable experiences, thanks to our unique features like the breathtaking sunset view from the patio or the intimate setting of the ballroom. Our team is here to assist you in seamlessly incorporating these elements into your event and making planning a Summer Wedding a breeze! 

Summer at Drumore Estate explodes with vibrant beauty and offers the perfect setting for unforgettable celebrations. Contact us today to learn more about hosting your event during this splendid time of year. Our experienced team is ready to collaborate with you in planning an exquisite summer celebration that will create lasting memories for you and your guests.

We currently have a few dates open for 2024! Sundays in June, and a handful of Saturday and Sunday dates in July and August. Book your tour today and discover how Drumore Estate can transform your summer event into an enchanting experience.

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