7 Thoughts On Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

Florists work magic, it’s undeniable. Flowers are a vital part of your wedding day décor, and will be the key element in bringing your vision together.  Flowers also help make your wedding unique to you, because there are literally thousands of options and combinations.  No two bridal bouquets can ever be the same; such is the beauty of nature!  We came up with a few things to take into consideration when you are thinking about what flowers you want.


  1. Your venue. With Drumore Estate, you are surrounded by gardens everywhere you go.  You don’t necessarily need floral decorations in the way that you would at a more industrial or indoor venue.  Of course, we believe one can never have too many flowers, but between the rose garden, perennial beds, azaleas, hanging baskets, and magnificent trees everywhere, we kind of have you covered if you want to scale back on your floral budget. Justin Johnson Photography, Belovely Floral Event & Design
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  2. Your color palette. Of course you want the bridesmaid bouquets to go with their dresses, and the centerpieces to complement the linens and napkin color.  Florists specialize in pairing colors, so it can be very helpful to take swatches to your florist when finalizing your flowers.  You will be amazed at how your florist can use hues and textures to really bring your vision to life, and find the perfect petal or leaf to go with your bridesmaids’ dresses.  Long ribbons are also a great way to incorporate pops of your wedding colors.  And maybe you want add a little darker color just so the details in your bouquet can be seen as you walk down the aisle!Belovely Floral Event & Design Justin Johnson PhotographySarah Gehman Photography, Floral Designs of Mount JoyMadeline Broderick Photography, Splints & DaisiesJeff Frandsen Photography, Sandra Porterfield Floral Design
  3. Your budget. Everyone loves protea, and succulents, and peonies.  However, if you want to stick to a budget, you are going to need to choose flowers that are in season during your wedding and easy to procure in the area you live in.  Work with your florist to find the perfect (affordable) substitutions for the flowers you just love but will totally break the bank.  There are also little tricks such as using bridesmaid bouquets as table centerpieces, and having your wedding day coordinator move ceremony decorations to the reception area during cocktail hour.  You can also make your soon-to-be husband stand out by only having a boutonniere made for him, instead of all of the groomsmen.  On the other hand, if you have a bigger floral budget, go for it!  Hanging floral rings in your reception area or floral arches at your ceremony site are stunning every time.Megan McCullor Photography, Sandra Porterfield Floral DesignJeff Frandsen Photography, Sandra Porterfield Floral DesignJon Athans Photography, Forte Florals
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  4. Your details. Don’t forget about the details.  Adding flowers to your cake is always stunning.  Or maybe you want a real petal aisle- just ask your florist to save the damaged flowers to use for petals.  Tall centerpieces can add wonderful dimension to your reception, or maybe you want simple little vases with candles so your guests can better see each other.  Tying flowers to the aisle chairs for your ceremony, or tying florals to the back of the bride and groom chairs is always lovely.  Putting flower vases on your bistro tables at cocktail hour and adding flowers to your seating chart are some simple little details that will make a big impact on your wedding day. Sarah Gehman Photography, Floral Designs of Mount JoyMegan McCullor Photography, Sandra Porterfield Floral DesignMadeline Broderick Photography, Splints & DaisiesJanae Rose Photography, Petals with Style Jon Athans Photography, Forte Florals
  5. Sometimes, the best flowers are not flowers! One 2018 wedding trend that we are loving is using fruit in floral arrangements or as favors that dress up your guest tables.  Driftwood, pumpkins (white and grey especially!), succulents, and curly willow have long been popular in centerpieces, and for good reason.  But artichokes, peaches, pears, figs, and more are beginning to make appearances.  Ferns, eucalyptus, and even feathers are also really fun (and affordable) ways to add shape and texture to your bouquets.Janae Rose Photography, Daisy May Flower & Event StylistsMegan McCullor Photography, Sandra Porterfield Floral DesignMegan McCullor Photography, Sandra Porterfield Floral Design
  6. Who you want to honor. You can really make family members and loved ones feel special by giving them a single flower to hold during the ceremony, or by giving them a bouttonnier or corsage to wear.  This signals their place as a guest of honor, and is a simple gesture that will mean a lot to your loved one.  Sarah Gehman Photography, Floral Designs of Mount JoyJeff Frandsen Photography, Sandra Porterfield Floral DesignJustin Johnson Photography, Belovely Floral Event & Design
  7. What style of flowers YOU want. Speaking of flower crowns, have you considered a flower crown?  Yes, we love them on your flower girls, but flower crowns are lovely on adults, too!  Whether you go bold or subtle, flower crowns can be the perfect compliment to your wedding hair.  You could also try flower hairpins, flower earrings, or having your stylist braid flowers into your hair.  Your bouquets do not have to look traditional either; try floral rings, wreaths, purses, lanterns…  Your florist is most likely going to love the chance to get their creative juices flowing, so if you are open to trying something off-beat, ask them if they have any ideas they have been dying to try!

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For most couples, their wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get to play with flowers on a large scale.  The most important thing is that your flowers are exactly what you want, even if it’s a little bit different than anything you’ve seen done before.  Maybe you want bright colors, maybe you want soft neutrals, maybe you want all greens or even black!  Whatever you decide, it is just about impossible to do flowers a “wrong” way so have some fun with it.  We are so excited to see what all of our brides and their florists have in store for 2018!