Tips to Help You Control the Guest List

Creating your guest list can be one of the most challenging parts of your wedding planning. After all, you want all your loved ones to share the day with you. However, inviting everyone that you know and love isn’t always possible.

So how do you decide how to manage your wedding guest list? Here are a few tips you can do to help manage your guest list without feeling saddened by leaving a few guests out.Creating your Guest List

Start with an Electronic Spreadsheet

First thing first, it’s time to get organized. Using an online spreadsheet helps you keep track of your guests, and expenses in one easy to use place. Plus, by using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, you can easily share this list with your family members and vendors, and they can collaborate in their own sheet if needed.

Create Your Guest List with Your Fiancé

Overall, you and your fiancé should create and finalize the guest lists. Keep track of how many people you’re inviting from each side, and then edit the list. This is also a great time to discuss if you’re allowing your guests to bring a plus one, or if you will have children at the reception. Once you’re ready to order invitations, make sure you remember to pair up your guests and order a few extras to be safe.

Create a “Group A” and “Group B” List

It’s heartbreaking having to leave anyone out of your wedding, but if your venue can’t hold the number of people, you need to plan accordingly. Another helpful tip you can follow is creating a list of “Group A” and “Group B” guests. Group A should include the family and friends that you can’t imagine not being at your wedding.

Then have your “Group B” for guests that you would love to celebrate with you, but maybe you’re not as close with. Next, mail your invitations early for Group A, and if some guests are unable to make your special day, you can begin to send invitations to selected guests from your Group B list.

At Drumore Estate, we will do our best to accommodate you and your guests safely. Schedule a personalized tour of our wedding venue to see if we’re the right fit for you or contact us online with any of the questions you may have.