What to Ask A Wedding Venue – Part 1

You have your top venues chosen and tours lined up, now what? You’re likely perusing the package details they’ve sent you in addition to making a list of questions to ask. There are 43 questions that I think are important to ask in your decision making. As a result of there being so many I will be splitting them up in a few blog posts by category. First of all I will be covering venue rental so here is what to ask a wedding venue, the first 15 questions:

Venue Rental
  1. What is your availability for the time of year I’m considering? If you can be a little flexible with your date and/or the day of the week, you will be far more likely to get the venue of your dreams in the season you want to get married.
  2. How many guests can you accommodate? And while you’re at it be sure to ask about the various locations on the property as well! If you have 200+ guests and want to have a rain option, make sure there is undercover space that will accommodate all of your guests.
  3. Can I hold my ceremony here as well as my reception? And along with this, is there an additional charge?
  4. Is your venue handicap accessible? If you have any elderly guests or other guests that need help getting around, this question is especially relevant! Ask if there are any areas that are not handicap accessible or if they have a golf cart to help your less mobile guests around the property.
  5. What is your weather contingency plan for outdoor spaces?  If they can answer you right away they have most likely done this before and therefore can execute Plan B without a hitch.
  6. How long do we have the property? While this can vary significantly from venue to venue, knowing up front how long you have the space will set the stage for your entire timeline.
  7. Do you do multiple events per day or will I have the space exclusively on my wedding day? Again, knowing this up front gives you a very good idea of what your day will look like. Furthermore, if there are multiple events happening you can almost guarantee that arriving early won’t be possible.
  8. Do you allow on site rehearsals? This is important to note because even if they do offer on site rehearsals you may be limited to when you are allowed to have a rehearsal.
  9. Can I decorate or do I have to leave everything as is? Know your parameters before making plans for hanging that gorgeous floral centerpiece.
  10. Do you have a preferred vendors list? In addition, am I free to choose my own or do I need to choose from your list? Recommended vendor lists are an incredible resource!  But you’ll just want to check and see if you’ve already chosen a photographer and they aren’t on that list, you might be looking elsewhere.
  11. Do you have any sound restrictions? Can I have a band or DJ and what times are they restricted to playing? Due to noise restrictions most venues have a set end time. This can vary based on zoning so knowing this information will help you choose your band or DJ.
  12. Is there parking on site? Where is the parking? In addition to parking, if valet service is important to you ask about that as well.
  13. Where are the restrooms for my event? Having easily accessible restrooms for your wedding will make everyone feel more comfortable and most of all be able to enjoy the celebration!
  14. Do you have signage or other aids to direct my guests? Or can I bring my own and set them out?
  15. Do you have an area for childcare? A good question if you are having children attend your wedding and want to offer childcare after dinner.


What to Ask a Wedding Venue
Photo by Ashley Elizabeth Photography


There they are, the first 15 questions. Almost all of these answers will be easily found on your venues website or covered on your tour. The rest are up to you to ask for your own information and clarity. I will be sharing more about Staffing, Coordination, Catering and the Bar in the next post. And while you wait for that, happy planning!


Cheers to Love,