Winter Maintenance – Painting the Shutters

This winter has been unseasonably warm and we’re not complaining. It’s been very tempting not to just take off and go for walks through the gardens, grounds and surrounding wooded trails. Due to the exciting year ahead we’ve been very hard at work gearing up for this years estate weddings! By far the most photographed location is right at the front of the estate. Therefore one of the bigger jobs we do is refurbish our shutters.

Our Georgian mansion is something to behold, and thanks to the hard work of our superhero maintenance man Kevin, it stays in tip top shape.

Some shutters only need a fresh coat of paint yet others need a full rebuild.

This doesn’t seem like a huge task until you count our windows. I was curious to find out the number so after I gathered a few images of Kevin spraying a fresh a coat of paint I walked around the estate and added them up. This shutter is number 9 of 112. That’s right, as a result of my little walk I found out we have 112 shutters!

Thanks for all of your hard work Kevin and also the whole maintenance crew. We couldn’t host such gorgeous weddings without you!

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