3 Reasons Why You Should Do a First Look

The First Look is a hot topic. Each year I see more and more couples choosing to see each other before the ceremony and I love it! The reasons I’ve listed below, come from working closely with couples planning their big day and from the countless times we’ve heard their First Look was their favorite part of their wedding. For those of you on the fence, here are 3 reasons why you should do a first look.

1. The moment you share between the two of you is just for you

Having a First Look will give you that moment, where it truly is just the two of you on your wedding day. Sure, your wedding photographer and videographer may snapping away, but they will typically give you enough space to just take in the moment. It may be the only time of the day where it’s just the two of you. Time and time again I have heard couples tell me it was the best memory of their day. Think about it, when you walk down the aisle there’s an excitement to see each other, but you won’t have the chance to embrace until after your vows are shared. My husband tells me that all he wanted to do when he saw me walking down the aisle was hug me and tell me how beautiful I looked! The First Look gives you that opportunity.

2. The photography is perfect

Having a First Look gives your photographer a chance to control the lighting and background. Since they can’t control the weather, or the rules of traditional churches, this will give them freedom to be creative and capture your emotions as they happen without being restricted. You will get more photos of the two of you as well as be able to enjoy your own cocktail hour!

3 Reasons Why You Should Do A First Look
Photo by Elizabeth Moore Photography


3. It will relieve stress from your wedding day timeline

You have heard it said before, but your wedding day will be over before you know it. You’ve put so much time and energy into planning a perfect day, you should take the time to take it all in. Having the majority of your photos done before the ceremony will allow you to spend time with friends and family. You’ll be able to enjoy cocktail hour and all of the food you have been looking forward to. And you will have time to sneak into the reception to see your plans come to life before everyone is seated. The rest of the night is yours, to dance, to laugh and to celebrate with the ones you love.


If you are someone who is very nervous about being the center of attention all day a First Look will help calm those nerves. Not only do you get to see the love of your life before everyone else, you will also have time to relax before the ceremony and have a glass of champagne.


Having a First Look is completely your decision, but as you can see, it is worth considering. These 3 reasons why you should have a first look come from years of experience and testimony from real couples.  Now it’s your turn to decide, see each other before the ceremony or go with tradition?


Cheers to Love,