Your Wedding Venue Checklist

Planning your wedding is an exciting time, but things can get stressful if you aren’t prepared for the process.

Your Wedding Venue Checklist infographic

You need to consider several things when hunting for the perfect venue, which is why we have created a helpful venue checklist to make your wedding planning experience a breeze!

Our list allows you to ask the important questions you need answered to have a successful wedding day, like:

  • Is there onsite catering?
  • Is there a quiet location to say vows?
  • Can I customize the menus?
  • Is there a day-of event facilitator included?
  • Will rain plan options accommodate my guest list?
  • Is there easy access to restrooms and parking facilities?

From location and venue inclusions to bar amenities and custom catering options, we know the important questions couples need answered to ensure they choose the perfect venue for their special day.

Download a copy of the Drumore Estate Venue Checklist to make your wedding planning process simple and stress-free!