How to Tour A Wedding Venue

Touring wedding venues is usually one of the first things on your to-do list after you get engaged. This is an exciting time in the engagement process because everything is new, bright, and pure bliss. The world is your oyster, and you will have a lot of venue options in front of you. You must… Read more »

Simple Ways to Make Your Special Event Stand Out

When planning a special event, whether it be your grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary, your daughter’s sweet 16, or your holiday office party, there comes a certain amount of stress and expectation. You want to create a memorable event for all the attendees without overwhelming yourself or creating a cookie-cutter experience. Here are a few simple… Read more »

What to Consider When Crafting Your Wedding Menu

One of the best parts of going to a wedding (besides celebrating the couple’s love) is arguably the food. Couples put in a lot of time and effort to ensure there is something on the menu for everyone and everything is of high quality. No matter what dinner style you have, from plated sit-down, buffet,… Read more »

How to Make a Wedding Seating Chart

Implementing assigned seating at your wedding is a great way to reduce your guests’ stress, ensure every table is filled to maximum capacity, and allow everyone to feel comfortable and ready to have an amazing time. No one wants to walk around aimlessly, unsure who they should be sitting with, not wanting to step on… Read more »

Popular Trends for Non-Traditional Weddings

Now more than ever before, couples are opting for a non-traditional approach to their wedding day. From different cake styles to unique venues and vendors, people are branching out and using their wedding to express the couple’s individuality. Mixing traditional aspects with fresh ideas is a great way to make your wedding stand out while… Read more »