5 Myths About Tent Wedding Venues

Tent weddings are captivating as they offer a perfect combination of sophistication and the outdoors. Nevertheless, some misconceptions might cause couples to be unsure about selecting a tented venue for their wedding day. Here are five common myths about tent wedding venues debunked so you can better understand the magic these spaces can create for… Read more »

Summer Wedding Tips for Your Guests to Beat the Heat

There’s nothing quite like a summer wedding. The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and love is in the air! However, as beautiful as summer weddings can be, the heat needs to be taken into consideration. Here are a few tips to keep your wedding guests cool and comfortable on your big day so everyone… Read more »

How to Choose the Color Scheme for Your Wedding

When planning your wedding, the color scheme is pivotal in setting the mood and tone for your special day. From your invitations to your centerpieces, your chosen hues will be present in almost every detail of your celebration, so you must choose wisely! Here are a few tips for picking the perfect color scheme for… Read more »

Reasons to Consider Doing a First Look On Your Wedding Day

Locking eyes on your significant other for the first time, wearing your wedding day attire, getting ready to say vows, and committing to each other forever and ever is a once and lifetime experience that can be overwhelming for some. A first look, although not traditional, can have many benefits for the couple about to… Read more »

3 Easy Ways to Get Your Wedding Guest List Started

You’re engaged, booked your wedding venue, and have your date! Now it’s time to start your guest list. Family, friends, coworkers, that third cousin, twice removed. Who makes it on the list, and how do you navigate those special scenarios? As you can imagine, this task can get complicated. Here are three easy ways to… Read more »